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The Uptop Ghost Town


Pickles visits the abandoned town of Uptop.


Pickles sits on an old fence post and checks out one of the crumbling buildings. Pickles and his humans *may* have gone inside against their better judgment…


Pickles finds a half-buried little shack. What a lovely (and not at all creepy) town!


Nothing like sitting on a pile of tetanus on a warm, sunny afternoon!

Then, Pickles finds some weird shit…


“Weird shit” like:

  • Ropes tied around the trees with trinkets hanging from them
  • Animal bones sticking up from the ground
  • A tee-pee of branches painted red
  • Circles of rocks

That’s enough of this place for us….

Pickles notices a little white chapel near the road on the way to the truck:

Where’s Pickles?

If you’d like to purchase this quaint little (totally not freaky) ghost town, guess what?! You can! It’s for sale!


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